Monday, 17 June 2013

We Make...St Leonards

After a lovely day at our last craft fair, we will be providing cafe facilities and lots of cake at the first We Make... St Leonards fair on Saturday 20th July 2013, 11am until 4pm.

As you can see from the poster on the left, there will be over 20 different stalls offering a variety of products and services.

Personally, I'm quite looking forward to the Pop up Parlour!

Here are a few pictures from our last fair to get your tastebuds tingling!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

"Make and Take" cupcake party

Today was a trial for a new idea, the Make and Take cupcake party - 6 children, 6 cupcakes each, and as much decorating as their little hearts desire. All finished off in a pretty little box and taken home at the end of the party. 

It was definitely a success and entertaining!

The children had lots of fun mixing up the icing sugar, rolling the fondant and sprinkling coloured sugar and other decorations all over their very own cupcakes. 

And the best bit? They each get to take 6 cupcakes home in their very own box, to share with their own family and friends. 

This trial was such a success that we shall be offering cupcake parties, starting in June, in the East Sussex area. If you would like more information, and to book, please email

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A little something for the children

Children and food colouring is not something I usually enjoy. I have three children myself, the eldest of which is very sensitive to colours in foods. As such, the only food colourings we use in our products are those which are 100% natural. As you can see, they don't lose any of their vibrancy for not being artificial.

Today I am showing you our Rainbow Cupcakes. They will be available to buy individually or by the half dozen - you will receive one of each colour. As seen in the picture, they come in red, yellow, pink, green, orange and blue. Each cupcake consists of vanilla sponge covered with buttercream, and dotted with a single matching sugared chocolate.

We will be showcasing more of our child-friendly cakes in the near future.

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Don't forget we go live on June 1st. We will have our full menu available shortly, and will begin taking orders two weeks before launch day!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Our research trip to London

Myself and Mr Patisserie headed to Borough Market yesterday. It didn't start out as a research trip, we were actually meeting my mum for lunch and a family day in London with the children and lots of food.

Needless to say that having witnessed more food than I have ever seen in one place, I have returned home with a head full of ideas that I would like to try out in the kitchen.

Mr Patisserie particularly enjoyed a rather huge meringue sprinkled with pieces of cookie. Given his enthusiasm about it, and the fact it looked so indulgent because it was so massive, this is going to be the first thing that I plan to recreate later today.

There is plenty more to follow later this week including bakewell slices and citrus meringue pies.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Not for the faint hearted

Peanut Butter Sensation
If peanut butter and/or all things sweet is your thing, then you're sure to love today's reveal.

The star of the show is definitely the icing. It is our brand new recipe and the first time it has ever featured. We have created a finely tuned combination of peanut butter and buttercream to give a smooth, nutty icing that melts in the mouth. In an absolute assault on the tastebuds, we have teamed it with a chocolate, caramel and nougat muffin. Think Snickers meets Mars!

The muffin itself is also a new recipe. We're planning to use it as our "go to" muffin mix, substituting the feature ingredient to create ever more delicious flavours. Watch out in the near future for our Banoffee Muffin. 

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Chocolate Indulgence

The Chocolate Indulgence
Today's product reveal involves the very delicious Chocolate Indulgence. Consisting of our moist chocolate cupcake topped with copious amounts of our smooth and creamy chocolate icing, it is sure to satisfy any chocolate craving!

There is another storm whipping up in the kitchen this afternoon in preparation for tomorrow's reveal. We'll be re-introducing you to our ever faithful carrot cake, except with a twist; this time it will not only be gluten free but dairy free as well - and we defy anybody to tell the difference. We've also got peanut butter on the menu for the adventurous amongst you.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see what we've created for you!

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Monday, 22 April 2013

An homage to Eton Mess

The Eton Mess cupcake
Just a quick one today, as there's not a lot to say. You've all heard of Eton Mess, so we'd like to present our take on this old classic.

Our version is as follows: a vanilla cupcake topped with fresh strawberries, mini meringues and buttercream.

It is heavenly!

Check back in with us tomorrow for another great cupcake from our menu.

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